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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 9, 2024 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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characterized could not be more wrong on the facts and clearly, politically motivated. gratuitous. and so i will say that when it comes to the role and responsibility of a prosecutor in a situation like that, we should expect that there would be a higher level of integrity than what we saw. but >> that was vice president harris offering a forceful defense of the president she serves, president joe biden. there is a lot to talk about on this front. my friend jonathan capehart, who is in for lawrence o'donnell tonight, the last word with lawrence o'donnell is going to few fluidly, seamlessly, start a few seconds early here. jonathan, i wonder if you have any thoughts about harris's
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defensive joe biden? >> one you can say she's gonna say that because she is the vice president, her role is to be a defender of the administration and certainly of the president in the situation. but let's not forget, vice president harris is a prosecutor she was the attorney general of the state of california. she was the district attorney in san francisco. she knows how prosecutors are supposed to comport themselves at the city level and at the state level. at this point, at the federal level. i could hear in her voice, could not see the actual table i could hear in her voice that she is offended by what special counsel her did so i am glad that you play that because i think i will try to work that in to my show on sunday, so people can hear what she said. >> by virtue of our technical difficulties, i worked it into your show this evening, my friend. >> you certainly did. >> thank you, thank you for rolling with the punches, i know you're going to have a great show, have a great
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weekend too. >> go enjoy your friday night, alex. >> thanks. >> here is donald trump today, friday, welcome -- >>nice saturday afternoon, i can tell you i would not be working in this, i would be in a very nice location. as you heard, again, he said that tonight, friday night. so, 77-year-old donald trump thought it was saturday afternoon, when it was actually friday night. is he confused? does he not know what day it is? did he just misspeak? does it matter that trump said saturday when it was friday? and we only offer that tonight as a very important contrast to this. several material distinctions between mr. trump's case and mr. biden's case are clear. that's a quote from special counsel robert hur's 388-page report released yesterday on joe biden's handling of classified documents from his time as vice president, which
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cleared president biden of any charges. robert hur goes on to list the stark differences between how president biden and donald trump handled classified information, such as the conspiracy to obstruct justice that donald trump was indicted for in the documents case. american voters will likely have two choices in november, donald trump, who is old and is criminally charged with 91 felony counts in four cases including two cases related to his efforts to subvert the 2020 election. and joe biden, who is also old and sometimes misspeaks or misremembers. president biden, who is a mere three years older than donald trump is, in his own words, a quote, gaffe machine. and he always has been. this is how the daily show covered fox's coverage of joe
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biden's gaffes 15 years ago. >> with another reported sighting of the famed delaware mouth guard blur, also known by his common name, vice president joe biden. [laughter] go get him, fox. >> joe biden had a gaffe yesterday. >> vice president biden does it again. >> another gaffe. gaffes >> on zucchinis the tails help. >> he missed his cheat sheet at home, you don't want to miss. this >> by the way, you know the website? >> you know, i am embarrassed, i don't know the website number, i should have it in front of me, and i don't. i am actually embarrassed. >> i will call your office directly and get it later. >> it is recovery. gov. >> oh, [bleep] -- [laughter] them, that was a, oh -- he was like, oh, i don't remember. he was like, oh wait, yes, i do. [laughter] that's your newsworthy biden
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gaffe? >> it's not newsworthy. last night, speaking to the press, joe biden said, one country, when he meant another, and then went on to give a long, complex hand completely coherent answer about gaza. right after that, donald trump's ally, elise stefanik, went on tv saying she would have helped donald trump overturn the 2020 election. did not mess up a word. which one is dominating the news today? donald trump, who threatens to be a dictator on day one? donald trump, who called to washington d. c., the nearly 900 criminals convicted for attacking the capitol on january six? donald trump, whose lawyers were in the supreme court yesterday, arguing that he did not do an insurrection, but if he did, he could not be cross acute for it because he should be immune from all crimes? >> insurrectionists should not be able to hold federal office.
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there is a tool to ensure that does not happen. namely, federal prosecution of insurrectionists, and if convicted, congress made clear, you are automatically barred from holding federal office, just to be clear, or under 23, 83, you agree that someone could be prosecuted for insurrection by federal prosecutors. and if convicted, could be or shall be disqualified then from office. >> yes, but the only caveat that i would add is that our client argues he has presidential immunity. so, we would not concede that he could be prosecuted for what he did on january six, 2021. >> so, joe biden says the wrong thing sometimes, but donald trump says this -- >> they are poisoning the blood of our country. >> that was donald trump using hitler's rhetoric at a new hampshire rally in december, talking about undocumented immigrants. quote, poisoning the blood of our country, was not the first
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time that donald trump has echoed adolf hitler. when joe biden misspeaks, conservatives make fun of him, and the political press corps loses its mind. when donald trump speaks, he spreads race replacement fear, a fear that drives racist to kill, like the antisemitic shooter, who attacked the pittsburgh synagogue and killed 11 people. the accused mass shooter of 10 black people at a supermarket in buffalo, new york. the murderer who wrote about the, quote, hispanic invasion of texas, before shooting and killing 23 people in an el paso walmart. the pennsylvania man, who allegedly killed and beheaded his own father, who was a federal employee. he displayed his father's head on youtube, while calling for the death of all federal employees, attacking the biden administration and the black lives matter movement. donald trump's rhetoric is
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dangerous. it's anti-american. it's anti-democratic. and donald trump means every word of it. joining us now, democratic congressman robert garcia of california. he's a member of the house oversight and homeland security committees. congressman garcia, thank you very much for being here this evening. when you hear donald trump use nazi rhetoric time and time again with little to no mention in the media about -- when you see the media focus on president biden's memory? >> i mean, it's crazy. the contrast could not be more clear, first of all. it's been made crystal clear in the last 24 hours. president biden has been completely cleared, no conviction, he's done nothing wrong in this case. there's been no evidence brought against him. of course, we know that this has been politically motivated. we know that he tried to score political points on part of special counsel, but he's been
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clear, that is the story. that is in sharp contrast to someone who hid documents, would not work with the justice department, actually is being indicted on serious federal accounts for mishandling of classified documents. the choice is very clear. just tonight, and jonathan, you know this. donald trump made dozens of lies and mistakes in his speech earlier today. that, i doubt, is going to be on the front page of the new york times tomorrow. joe biden is ready. he's been a great president. i am around him often. he knows what is going on. he is bright, he is engaged. i am so grateful that we have someone with so much wisdom, strength, and experience, as the president, and we will work hard every single day to make sure he gets reelected this november. >> meanwhile, here is what your colleague in the house of republican, congresswoman elise stefanik, set yesterday, when asked what she would have done
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on january six. >> i would not have done what mike pence did. i don't think that was the right approach. >> congressman garcia, can you explain the problem with those words from congresswoman stefanik? >> first, elise stefanik, like many others in congress, were hiding in the halls of congress in the gallery. we have seen the photos. she was scared for her life, as she should be. there were insurrectionists attacking the capitol. what she is doing now is so shameful. we all know that she is auditioning to be vice president, for donald trump, her entire mission in life right now is to try to get that nod from him. i think it is so crazy that she has exchanged so much in such a short amount of time. she is obsessed with power and becoming the vice president. why anyone would want to be the vp for someone who is essentially probably going to go to jail, and who called
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essentially for the hanging of their former vice president is beyond me. so, i think she is a shame. quite frankly, she should leave the house. >> paul krugman writes in the new york times, quoting here, a significant faction of republicans, trump included, refer to the blockade in ukraine because by all appearances, vladimir putin is there kind of guy, and they are content to see him steamroll his democratic neighbor. congressman, the senate voted yesterday afternoon to advance a sweeping emergency aid bill for ukraine and zero. are you hopeful it will not just pass in the house but actually get a vote in the house? >> i am very hopeful that this gets a vote in the house. to be honest, we're unsure. at this point, the speaker mike johnson might as well bend the knee to putin. and it is completely embarrassing, we should be ashamed that so many members of our congress have decided to turn their backs on democracy in eastern europe. they decided to turn their
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backs on standing up to an authoritarian, a dictator, to someone that has caused enormous harm, not to just his own country but to ukraine. we have to stand up for democracy in ukraine. they are counting on us. i am very hopeful we can put this together, that a vote can come forward in the house incredibly necessary. i am not crediting mike johnson. by johnson has proved to all of us that he can control his caucus. he takes orders from marjorie taylor greene and matt gaetz so i think they will wait to see what happens. i am hopeful that we can get a vote. >> and we also know, he can't count. congressman robert garcia of california, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up, voters in 2024 facing unprecedented election threats. the latest on the investigation into the fake biden robo call trying to deceive democrats into not voting in new hampshire, the action, the federal government took this week to catch and punish the
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new hampshire's attorney general says a texas telecom company named life corporation is responsible for the barrage of a. i. generated fake joe biden robocalls that new hampshire voters received last month prior to that state's primary. the investigation by new hampshire law enforcement found that as many as 25,000 people
10:18 pm
could have received the robocalls that urged democratic voters not to vote in the january 23rd primary and instant, saved their vote for the november general election. but there is no way of knowing how many people opted not to vote, as a result of the the septic robocalls. at a press conference tuesday, new hampshire a. g. john formella says that the robocall was an attack on democracy. >> this case is unique into it is providing us a real life example of an attempt to use a. i. to interfere with an election. that's been something that we have been concerned about in the law enforcement community for a while, something that the state attorney general has talked about. but we had not seen as concrete of an example as this, days before a primary, and attempt to use a. i. to interfere with an election or to mislead voters. every state in the country is going to be having their own primaries, for their own elections, not just for the presidential race. this is a national problem, and
10:19 pm
a. i. presents an even bigger threat than mailers. we're looking to get a head of it and send a message of deterrence. >> this week, the fcc took action and outlawed robocalls with a. i. generated voices and potentially took opened the perpetrators to civil lawsuits. effective immediately, the regulation empowers the fcc to find companies that use a. i. voices in their calls or block the service providers that carry them. it also opens the door for call recipients to file lawsuits and gives state attorney general a new mechanism to crack down on the violators, according to the fcc. the u.s. government is also taking action to stop these attacks on voters before they happen. the associated press reports that the nation's cybersecurity agency launched a program aimed at boosting election security in the states. federal officials say that the program will be entirely focused on elections, which is critical because of the complexities surrounding voting
10:20 pm
that vary by jurisdiction and involves election security advisers conducting cyber and physical security reviews for safe election offices as, they request them. joining us now, msnbc national security analyst clint watts. he is a former special agent with the fbi. clint, thank you for being here. let's start with the fake robo, biden robocalls in new hampshire. the state's attorney general says they have conducted a criminal investigation and named a company individual but has yet to name charges. how deep are charges against something like this, and what kind of charges we cover this? >> it's a question, i think, jonathan, is it law up today on this? i think you saw the fcc move aggressively undoes to try to create regulation about this. similar to other things in the era of the internet and social media, there weren't laws on the book that showed this was a violation. just from an investigative standpoint, it's actually
10:21 pm
probably quite simple to trace, because you will have so many calls made. it sounds like there were thousands of calls. they don't know how many calls there were, but thousands of calls, which were all traced back to a common source. that's why we were able to go through and see within about 48 hours, a couple of telecommunication companies with telecommunication distribution, they could be tracked down very quickly. it's going to be, do the laws keep up with technology? i think it's the first incident, where we see that it's not quite clear. i bet we see a lot of regulation coming in quickly over the next few weeks and months. >> thursday's fcc ruling outlawed robo a. i. calls, but is that a useful remedy ripe for hostile foreign actions aside u.s. jurisdiction? >> it's not. the way to sort of think about this, there's been a lot of focus on deep fake videos.
10:22 pm
but deepfake videos go into open crowds oftentimes and are debunked relatively quickly. we see that a lot of times, people don't fall for them. think about when you do fall for things. that's when a setting is private rather than public, a robocall, for example. we have seen many times, other frauds committed through telephone lines, in a financial setting. when else do people fall for it? other audio is easier to replicate and reproduce on scale, because of the night this amount of data you need to simulate the voices is a lot less. you don't have to pull in all the visual cues and movements. there's not as much there for people to go on. this is the place that we need to be focusing on. by the way, that's a known campaign technique, not necessarily false, but robocalls in general. the other thing to look forward is how we go about mitigating this. the only good news about this is it happened early enough in the cycle, and you see a lot of movement over the last week to really get in front of this for
10:23 pm
the general election coming up in eight months. >> and, clint, talk about cisa, the u.s. cybersecurity agency, boosting its election protection. what can it do to protect voters and elections? >> everything they can do is trying to bring intelligence to all the different jurisdictions but also ensure that there is rapid communication and response, if there are any incidents going into election day. one of the things about our election is both a strength and weakness, each state has their own process for conducting an election. each state often has their own technology or assistance for poll tallies and the way that they are counted. the iowa caucus is wildly different than the new hampshire primary, for example. when you look at each of the systems, it takes a lot of election representatives, which cisa brought on board, which i think is a great idea, which understands the local and state danger of each election system that will be conducting the election in november, and they can also relate information to be more responsive. they need more manpower and more regional and state
10:24 pm
expertise. that's what they're trying to do going into november 2024. >> clint watts, thanks for joining us tonight. for more on how serious and varied election threats are, we're joined now by someone on the frontlines, nevada's democratic secretary of state, representative cisco aguilar. thank you very much for being here. the fake biden robocall was a wake up, an example about what bad actors can do. the feel that you have the tools and resources to adequately protect nevada's elections this november. what do you tell nevada voters? >> first of all, thank you for having me, it's an honor to be here. >> nevada runs some of the safest elections at the country. we have accessibility, mail ballot, early voting, same day election centers, but when you talk about a. i., in a similar situation we saw in new hampshire, it becomes
10:25 pm
concerning. we are doing with so many issues and priorities given the state of elections today. when you add a.i. and these types of issues on top of our other concerns, we're asking for help. constant communications with my colleagues and secretaries in michigan and arizona. we had a deep conversation about that question. are we prepared to handle the new threats of artificial intelligence or deep fakes into the process? the answer really is, we need to get better. we need to educate ourselves about what it means. we also need the help of the federal government. the federal government has the resources. they have the access to the experts to be able to help us better respond to these situations. we will make ourselves present. we will be able to respond to these issues. the challenges, bad information or misinformation, if it impacts whether a voter goes to the polls, that is the real harm, is taking a voter out of the process. >> secretary, the new fcc ruling classifies the fake
10:26 pm
robocalls under the consumer protection law. and the boston global report, those who break the law can face deep fines of a maximum of more than $23,000 per call, the fcc says. the agency says that they previously used the law to clamp down on robocallers interfering in elections, including imposing a 5 million dollar fine on two conservative hoaxters for falsely warning people in predominantly black areas that voting them could buy in their risk of arrest, that collection and forced vaccination. secretary, communities of color often are targeted. we saw that in 16 and 20. in nevada, are you also concerned about having to capture threats in spanish language disinformation? >> absolutely, that's my greatest concern, being a member of the latino community. we make up 33% of nevada. they are a working force that makes sure the state runs on a daily basis. if we are not giving them access to the ballot box, we
10:27 pm
will not know the priorities that they left community to better build our community. you talk about a. i., you have to talk about the bias that is going into the actual system, the data that a. i. is using does not include the perspective of rural communities of color. we have to address these issues and also to, talk about misinformation within our communities, especially churches, through whatsapp. what'sapp is a constant communication piece in our community. being able to use that. last night, i was at an event at the glenn center out here in reno. one of the centers that focuses on topics at the university of reno talked about these issues and is trying to address these issues. but what we need to do from a ground level to educate voters about these challenges. >> trust is also a major part of your security. you have been meeting regularly against pastors, to build that trust. tell us about those
10:28 pm
conversations and does duchess extending pass party lines? >> it does. we have a republican governor in our state. i constantly communicate of the importance that he has a is a member of the republican party to make sure that we get direct information to our communities. i enjoy the opportunity to talk about our passions from the black community. because we are trusted. i can leverage their trust, be able to leverage voters about our process here in nevada, that it is secure, that is safe, that your vote will be counted, we need you to vote. it is showing up everywhere to be able to enforce this message but also to -- we have 17 election courts across the state, and 11 of them are new. so is educating them about the process, educating them about the challenges that we have but also making sure that they were present in our communities of color and having these conversations directly to them. >> one more question to you, secretary, when it comes to election threats, what worries you the most? >> look, elections are about the people. they're about the voters, they're about the candidates,
10:29 pm
and they are about the election workers. none of this works unless we have poll workers to work at the polls and in nevada, were struggling at the moment to make sure that people are there. clark county, or 70% of our voter base is, we were able to use creative ways to get poll workers into the process, looking at a younger volunteer, initially not volunteers. we do -- but it's in our rural communities, where we have struggles getting people to show up to the polls, because it's a hard job. we worked really hard to look at the cycle. we're like, what do we need to do to make sure that election workers feel safe. 80% of election workers are women, and if they don't feel safe, it becomes an issue not only for them but families. we made a huge push to educate the legislature and the governor on creating a safe place for election workers. we passed a bill to make it a felony to harass to intimidate
10:30 pm
election workers. we passed an anti doxing bill. we are working really hard to ensure that they have the resources and the tools to do the job that we need them to do, poll workers are the unsung hero of our democracy, and we need you to respect them for what they do. it's not a democrat or a republican issue, it's an issue about community and understanding how there is a human component to all of this. >> here, here nevada secretary of state, francisco agular, thank you for joining us tonight. coming up, vladimir putin receives aid and comfort from a former fox host, while wishing for a trump return to the white house, that is next. ext. wanna know why people are getting a covid-19 shot?
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the failure of the united states congress, if it occurs, not to support ukraine, was close to criminal neglect. it is outrageous. >> that was president biden alongside german chancellor olaf scholz at the white house this afternoon, making a clear how he feels about the need for republicans in congress to stop blocking funding for ukraine. tonight, the senate voted to advance the 95 billion dollar aid package for ukraine that also includes funding for israel and taiwan, but even if the plan acts out at the senate, it's facing resistance from republican extremists in the house. with the situation on the ground in ukraine growing increasingly dire, the ukrainian army adjusting to a shake up at the top, american support could not be more sorely needed by the troops on the front lines.
10:36 pm
the new york times reports that there is, quote, a palpable disappointment at washington's dysfunction, which ukrainians say is already costing lives on the battlefield. every day we have corpses that we would not have had if we had this assistance -- the secretary of the ukrainian national security said in an interview said this week in key. 50 west of supplying weapons, he said, quote, we will bight them with our teeth. february 24th will mark two years since russia's division in ukraine, the star of a third year of war. vladimir putin with the aid and comfort of a former fox answer is biding his time for a possible trump or turn to the white house. >> translator: up until now, there has been the uproar and screaming about the inflicting defeat on russia on the battlefield. it is never going to happen. it seems to me that now, those who are in power in the u.s.
10:37 pm
have come to realize this as well. >> but a bipartisan delegation of democrats and normal republicans went to kiev this week to send the opposite message to president zelenskyy and the ukrainian people. here is what president zelenskyy said about last night senate vote and the hope that congress will act quickly to improve funding. >> yesterday's decision, a huge signal, and i think the spirit in ukraine, you don't mention what influence it has on people, on their morale, and they feel that they are not alone. yesterday's signal was very, very important. we are thankful for two parties, we are very thankful for you. and, of course, for american people, for their strength in addressing our fight for freedom. >> joining us now, simon shuster, senior correspondent
10:38 pm
for time magazine. he's the author of the new book, the showman, inside the invasion that shook the world and made a leader of volodymyr zelenskyy. simon, thank you for being here. we are just a couple of weeks away from the two year mark of russia's invasion, give us your sense of where things stand now. >> well, the ukrainians are very realistic about the prospect of donald trump potentially coming back to the white house. this would not be the first time the president sullen ski as dealt with trump. if you remember in 2019 -- >> oh, yeah. >> the first impeachment of donald trump, president zelenskyy was a major actor there. he understands what it will mean for ukraine, if trump returns to the white house. they are preparing for that eventuality, if it happens, by started to produce their own weapons and pushing european allies to fill and take up the slack if u.s. support continues to decline. honestly, they need the american support.
10:39 pm
in all my conversations with them, they say that there is no alternative to american leadership. >> according to one assessment, ukraine only has enough air defenses to last until next month. what happens if those supplies run out before congress takes action? >> zelenskyy has been very clear on that. he said in one of his most recent visits last year to capitol hill, he was asked, what will happen, if we will not give you the aid. so lucky told him, if america does not give us the aid, we will lose the war. i think it is still that stark. still, the ukrainians are attempting to find other ways of developing their own homegrown defense systems, looking to the europeans for donated systems. they are finding ways to fill the gaps, but, again, they need the americans to come through on this. from my conversations with the
10:40 pm
ukrainian leadership, they are still surprisingly optimistic, given how tight the deadlock is on capitol hill. they seem to believe that it will come through, maybe that is naive, but that is where we are. >> you know, just this week, the european union approved a 54 billion dollar aid package for ukraine. what other options does ukraine have for financial and military support, if the united states does not come through? the 54 billion dollars from the eu, where else could money come from? >> i mean, great question. one answer to that is, again, domestic production of weapons inside ukraine. they are ramping up and reviving a lot of their factories, many inherited from the soviet union, that have been derelict and mismanaged for many years, but they are now beginning to crank out weapons that ukraine needs. but one thing that zelenskyy has been asking biden is to give ukraine the licenses and
10:41 pm
technology, blueprints to produce more american weaponry inside ukraine. that is something that biden could potentially do without congressional approval. they would still need billions of dollars of aid and financial assistance to kickstart the domestic weapons industry, but i think that is one way that biden could help potentially without congressional approval. >> i am curious to get your take on vladimir putin's interview with tucker carlson. what does putin hope to accomplish with that? >> i mean, i heard this history lesson, i think it was a surprise to many viewers to hear him rant this way for 40 minutes about ancient history. but this is the speech and spill that he delivers to so many of his foreign guests. this is the way, in his mind, justifies the idea that all of ukraine belongs to russia. he is trying to deliver that
10:42 pm
message to the west. i think i showed a lot of, just how detached he is from reality. if he understood anything about his audience, he could've talked about, you know, american conservative values to try to appeal to trump's voter base, but instead, he took us back to the ninth century, 13th century. i think it shows that he really does not have the kind of understanding of the information or the messaging that is required to get and keep american conservatives on his side. that is what i took away from it. >> you know, i can't let you go. i am sorry, i should have asked that question last instead of this one, because just this week, president zelenskyy made a change at the top of ukraine's military, removing the general who had been in charge since before the war began. what does that move signal about the future of this conflict? >> it was a long time coming.
10:43 pm
the tensions between the president and his top military commander, they have been simmering for a long time. there had seemed to be some hope that now zelenskyy has put in place a more military leadership that he can work with more easily, but there may be -- become easier for him to adjust the strategy and find a new approach to the battlefield that will work better. i think the potential between the two men will really drag the country down in terms of finding a new approach and being more nimble on the battlefield, at least that is the hope. it's still not a good look to dismiss your main military commander in the middle of a war, but i think the tensions between the two men have come to a bowling point, so it happened. >> simon shuster, thank you very much for joining us tonight. coming up, just four days until the special election to fill
10:44 pm
fraudster former republican congressman george santos's seat, but there is another special election tuesday that you might not have heard about, and it could be the most important special elections so far in 2024. that is next. ...but i'm asking about the added protection of prevnar 20®. if you're 19 or older with certain chronic conditions... asthma, diabetes, copd, or heart disease,... ...or are 65 or older, you are at increased... ...risk for pneumococcal pneumonia. prevnar 20® is approved in adults... help prevent infections from 20 strains of the bacteria... ...that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. in just one dose. don't get prevnar 20® if you've had a severe... ...allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. adults with weakened immune systems... ... may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects were pain and swelling at the injection site,... ... muscle pain, fatigue, headache, and joint pain. i want to be able to keep my plans. i don't want to risk ending up in the hospital with pneumococcal pneumonia. that's why i chose prevnar 20®.
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♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪ this is the final frenzied gateway kind of campaigning in the special election to fill the seat of disgraced former republican congressman george santos. the latest poll shows democrat
10:49 pm
tom suozzi with a four-point lead over republican mazi pilip among likely special election voters, although suozzi it's late is within the margin of error. but there's another special election tuesday that could have massive consequences and a stat that is a must win for biden harris in 2024. the pennsylvania state house is currently split 101 to 101. that's right. 101 democrats and 101 republicans in the state house with one seat vacant. i democrats want control of the state house by just one state last february, led by pennsylvania's first black woman speaker, joanna mcclinton. and that one state is now up for grabs. tuesday's special election will take place in a very swingy part of a swing state, bucks county, north of philadelphia. well pennsylvania has a democratic governor, the state senate is republican. and in 2022 was one of the prime movers of 2020 elections was led by trump ally, state
10:50 pm
senator doug mastroianno. joining us now to discuss what's at stake, tuesday, in pennsylvania is pennsylvania state house speaker joanna mcclinton. speaker mcclinton, welcome to the show. tell us what this state matters, especially in a presidential election year. >> 2024 is the year in which we will decide who will be in the white house for the next four years. but and the pennsylvania state house, we have had to defend our democratic majority four times since the one year that we had that majority. we had for a special elections last february, one in may, one in september, and here we are right outside of philadelphia and bucks county, worthy one seat majority that we have held onto and several special elections last year will be up to defend this coming week. >> what difference has having a
10:51 pm
democratic house made in pennsylvania over the last year? >> interestingly enough, a one state majority has done wonders for the hardworking families across pennsylvania. when we think about the fact that republicans were in control in harrisburg, in the state house for years. and many bills that governor shapiro has signed into lower bottled up and had no chance of ever coming up for a vote. many of those bills are saving so many people money. their taxpayer, hard earned money. we got one bill throw that help seniors stay in their homes by expanding the income requirements on the property tax rent rebate program. that's going to help about 200,000 seniors citizens all across the commonwealth. we got another bill through, just a couple months ago, that's going to help all these heartbroken parents who spent a lot of their paycheck on childcare. we tripled the dependent and childcare tax credit. so as they were doing their
10:52 pm
texas right now, some of them will get $1,000 back, in some little more. so it has made a big difference. >> i might have to move to pennsylvania. speaker, mcclinton, how are democrats feeling about tuesday interchanges of preserving the majority? >> one thing is clear. pennsylvania voters recognize that the republicans who were in charge and the state house, they were running at radical agenda that was extremist. not only were they not standing up for women's rights and our reproductive health, but they also, unfortunately, were not defending democracy. they were the same republicans that just a few years ago try to throw our votes out in 2020. they signed a letter, sent it to our congressional delegation , alleging there had been irregularities in the election, spreading that big lie which led to a deadly insurrection. and voters and bucks county are aware of this and they are proud of the work the house democratic caucus has been doing under my leadership and
10:53 pm
they look for to finishing that year out strong with our one state majority and this november expanding beyond one seat. >> speaking of this november, you have conversations with your members from pittsburgh to philadelphia. if the biden harris campaign called for advice on how they're doing with voters and pins of any? what would you tell? them >> and let them know voters are fired up and ready to go, but we cannot take it for granted. we have a lot of work to do with the largest voting demographic, our youngest voters from 18 to 35 years old. we have to engage them with people from their generation, letting them know how important this election is and why we can't just go hands off and say , oh, it doesn't matter who's in the white house. it does matter. the future of our nation's on the line. our democracy is on the line. our ability to vote for the is
10:54 pm
on the line. we see what has happened with these extremists, right-wing supreme court justices, under our former president, and we see the opposite with our current president. he has appointed more people that look like me to the federal judiciary than any other president prior. i'm not just only talking about the supreme court justice ketanji brown jackson, but also people that i work with that or public defenders with me here in philly. they are not federal judges. president biden, vice president kamala harris have when kept their word, your promise, and we have to make sure voters are prepared to have their back in pennsylvania come november. >> period. pennsylvania speaker joanna mcclinton, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> tonight's last word is next. nemours next. ne mour ryone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after getting shingrix. fainting can also happen.
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>> i'm fortunate last word -- >> we're over 5000 -- for the first time in history, that we've ever done that. thanks for to track. [inaudible] breast presentation american businesses and all allison facets of our economy and our markets that the mere dow 30. this is a fifth straight winning week we've seen.
11:00 pm
it's a good enough for a record. again, a lot of it propelled by optimism that -- >> that's tonight's last word. i will be back tomorrow at six pm eastern on the saturday show. it will be joined by new york governor kathy hochul to discuss the senate republicans about based on the bipartisan broader bill and tuesday special election to fill former congressman santos seat. and actress kelvin harrison junior and eric pierre described their starting roles a new series on malcolm x and martin luther king jr. day called genius, mlk slash x. that's tomorrow. on the saturday show at six pm eastern. i hope you'll join us. the 11th hour starts right now. i did not break the law. period. >> the way that the presidents demeanor that report was characterized -- >> commenting on how he seems himself as a